Starbucks Reserve coffee from remote Cape Verde island

September 6, 2016
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Starbucks Reserve® Cape Verde Fogo Island is a coffee that’s as extraordinary as the place where it’s grown. For 300 years, coffee has survived on the island of Fogo, part of the isolated Cape Verde archipelago off Africa’s western coast.

Remote and Rare

The Pico do Fogo volcano, the highest point in Cape Verde, dominates the landscape. Fogo’s rich, volcanic soil and high altitudes create an ideal environment for producing full-bodied, sweet coffee. Starbucks Reserve® Cape Verde Fogo Island is no exception. With sparkling acidity and mild florals, it’s an exquisite cup of coffee.

“It [looks] like just an extraordinary place. And then to think that they’re growing coffee there. I just think that’s the most fascinating thing about it. Coffee comes from such far-flung places,” said Anthony Carroll, senior manager of coffee quality.

Through the Starbucks Reserve brand, we’re committed to sourcing coffee from these far-flung places to bring you unique, small-lot coffees.

Industry Revitalized

Although Fogo has a long history with coffee, the industry was neglected for many years. But in 2011, one of our suppliers, Trabocca, visited the island for the first time and saw great potential. With the help of a grant from the Dutch government, they’ve been working to rebuild the industry and establish a strong coffee supply chain. From planting new coffee trees and educating farmers to helping build facilities to process the coffee, Carroll says it’s a serious investment of time.

There’s a lot of really interesting places that grow coffee already. But then to have the willingness and the adventurous spirit to do something like that, I think that’s really cool.
– Anthony Carroll
senior manager, coffee quality

For a second time, we’re proud to share this Starbucks Reserve® coffee from Cape Verde and to continue investing in the reinvigorated coffee community.

“They’ve produced something really, really special,” Carroll said.

Carroll says Cape Verde Fogo Island embodies the mission of Starbucks Reserve — offering rare, exclusive coffees with interesting and unique flavors.

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