Cape Verde Vacation Services Introduction

Cape Verde Vacation & Services your premier vacation travel and service company  for the Cape Verde Islands.

The foundation of this website comes from a growing necessity to fill a gap in Cape Verde’s tourism field. Our objective is to offer all our valued customers the opportunity to enjoy a full experience of Cape Verde’s well-mixed African secrets. We aim to provide you with all the information and services you can possibly need in order to exceed all your expectations and turn them into unforgettable memories.

Cape Verde Vacation & Services is not only concerned in providing our customers with the best travel and hospitality services, but also many other types of services needed in regards to the Islands. Under “Services”, you can find a variety of services available,such as: rental cars, restaurants, wedding destinations, investment options and more.

Whether your vacation includes beautiful white sand beaches,black sand beaches, green and unexplored mountains, beautiful views, or peaceful and restful environments, we are here to make sure you have the perfect opportunity to share these memories with family and friends. We pride ourselves for being able to match low airfares with the most convenient routes. Our great partnerships with well recognized airline companies like SATA Azores Airline and TAP Airline, allows us to fulfill all your requests world wide. No complex international itinerary is ever too difficult for us to handle. CPVVS will make sure you have the best seat arrangements, best value for your money, minimum stopovers and most importantly a journey as pleasant as it can possibly be.

When it comes to your business, Cape Verde Vacation & Services is here to take it to next level. Please ask us about many different packages and strategies to promote and help your business grow. 

CPVVS is also focused on giving back to the Cape Verde community by planning and executing community services. Please visit our community sections and feel welcome to join us for the upcoming events.

Don’t hesitate to contact us at any time to request a quote for your next flight or any other services to Cape Verde! Besides English, our team can also answer your requests in Portuguese, Spanish and Creol. Working with CPVVS is guaranteed hassle-free.